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Consisting of three main centres, Villa, Ponte a Serraglio and Fornoli, it is surrounded by a constellation of villages and hamlets and the whole area is rich in artistic and natural beauties.

It is somewhat like a climatic mountain resort in spite of its mere 152 meters above sea level. The climate of the valley is characterized by mild winters and pleasant summers.

Rainfall is moderate and the winter snow is usually restricted to high altitudes.

Since the Middle Ages, Bagni di Lucca has been known for the therapeutic, thermal waters that flow from the flanks of a cliff called the Colle di Corsena.

The flora and fauna are typical of the Italian Apennines region: rich forests of pines, oaks, bay leaf, broom, chestnut, beech, hornbeam and fir trees.
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The villages are distributed over the valley to the left and the right side of the Lima river. On the bottom of the valley are the main town, La Villa, and the villages of Ponte a Serraglio, Fornoli, Fabbriche di Casabasciana, Isola and Val Fegana.

The villages are all easily accessible from the center (La Villa) by means of good paved roads. Many of the ancient mule paths that once connected the villages are still viable and lend themselves to hiking in unique and stunning landscapes.

Almost all of the villages are of medieval origin and are generally located on hilltops overlooking the underlying valleys, preserving precious memoires of the past.

Bagni di Lucca is close to numerous cities and places of touristic interest, such as Lucca, Pisa, Florence and Siena. It is 42km from the Versilia coast with Viareggio, Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi, which are among the most renowned seaside resorts of Italy. The ski resort of Abetone is 37km away.

The things to see and actitivites to take part in are countless, from horse trekking in the mountains, hot air ballooning, canyoneering and hiking to lazing in the sun or being pampered at the famous spa of Jean Varraud and Casa Boccella.

Key facts

Inhabitants 6,500
Province Lucca
Localities 26
Altitude ASL 152 m


Orrido di Botri 18 km 
Garfagnana 20 km
Lucca 24 km
Abetone 37 km 
Versilia coast 42 km 
Pisa 43 km
Florence 84 km
Siena 146 km


Summer average 21°C
Winter average 6°C
Annual average 13.5°C

Month Avg hi Avg lo
Jan 11°C 2°C
Feb 12°C 3°C
Mar 14°C 4°C
Apr 18°C 7°C
May 22°C 10°C
Jun 26°C 14°C
Jul 29°C 16°C
Aug 28°C 17°C
Sep 26°C 14°C
Oct 21°C 11°C
Nov 15°C 6°C
Dec 11°C 3°C